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JuniorLab 2015 in Berlin

From the 26th to 30th of October we had the opportunity to participate as mentors at this falls JuniorLab 2015 in Berlin. Our team was showing kids how to build their own input device based on the hardware configuration that’s part of our current prototype. The working module was then used as a trigger for music samples and as a gamepad.

At first we introduced the 8-14 year-olds to the world of Arduino and guided them through assembling and basic wiring. Lego was also a important part of our workshop as the kids were supposed to build cases around the hardware for better handling and controlling. After we showed them how to trigger sound samples (in Processing 3 and its new sound library) by tilting the device they could record their own samples and experiment with them. The second idea was to connect the controller to a game, so they could easily have a gamepad reacting to their movement. As a gift we made lasercutted acryl glass with generative designed shapes and their names on it.

We want to thank FabLab Berlin and JuniorLab 2015 for having us for this great and challenging week, as well as for the experience with all the children and the mentors.

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