open source activity tracker

okinesio — A hardware & software platform for motion analysis


Local data instead of cloud storage.
Your data belongs to you!

Open Source

We build on open hardware and software.
Everybody can contribute ideas.

Full Control

Retain control over your generated data.
You decide how to interact with it.


Our project

We developed an open source activity tracker that takes privacy seriously and lets the user regain control over his data. The project ended after 2 years in 2017.


The okinesio module

Based on Open Hardware & Software, our module can be extended and can be used in various projects with focus on tracking movement.

Realize your ideas

What are you going to build?
Our module is fully Arduino-compatible and can easily be programmed with the popular Arduino IDE.


We are a small research team of creative coders and designers around Prof. Michael Zöllner at Hof University (Campus Münchberg).
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Hochschule Hof

Michael Zöllner
Initiator / Visionary

Andreas Zapf
Head of IxD

Duc Nhân Truong
Information Design

Stefanie Scheer
Hardware Layout